I started at Wistia as a designer in February of 2014. I’ve worked on a variety of projects spanning from product design work to branding, web, and marketing design work for campaigns and events. In March of 2018, I became a Design Manager and since have led and grown the Marketing Design Team, a team of 4. It’s been a fun time! Here is some of my favorite work I’ve done for Wistia.


Team systems and processes

Work as design manager at Wistia, in efforts to make our team better, individually and together.

Migrating our website to a CMS

Work as design lead on the website team as we created consistent component systems and new information architecture on a content management system.

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Branding and collateral for Wistia's annual conference, WistiaFest, in 2015, 2016, and 2017

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Wistia Product Onboarding

Working to improve our retention and adoption through various stages of a more delightful and educational onboarding flow

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Branding of and work as chair of employee group at Wistia working to promote an inclusive culture